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A Day in the Life

Follow the exploits of Patience Cleveland as she navigates her way through Hollywood and the publishing industry at

Colby-Sawyer Timeline

Use our interactive timeline or read a brief overview of the history of Colby-Sawyer College.

Listen as Colby Academy Principal and Colby Junior College President, H. Leslie Sawyer, shares a brief history of the college.  The recording was done at the 1955 commencement ceremony during Sawyer’s last year as president of the college.  Subjects discussed include the change from Colby Academy to Colby Junior College, Colbytown Camp, and Kid’s Day.

Colby-Sawyer College: The Place

Why is the library in a barn? Is the campus as haunted as everyone claims it is? Explore the history of Colby-Sawyer’s architecture and campus.

Colby Academy Building (Brick)

Colbytown Camp

Colgate Hall

Supernatural Activities

Susan Colgate Cleveland Library & Learning Center

Colby-Sawyer: The Experience

What was life like for Colby-Sawyer College students? What did they do for fun? What were the classes like? How did they handle world events and political upheaval? Learn more about the traditions and experiences of Colby-Sawyer students, past and present.

Civil Rights and Colby Junior College

Colby Academy and World War I

Crossroads Africa

Fine and Performing Arts

May Day

Mountain Day

Presidential Hopefuls at Colby-Sawyer

Ski Day

Colby-Sawyer: The Presidents

Want to learn more about the past leaders of the College?  Discover how our presidents helped to shape what Colby-Sawyer is today.

President Sawyer (1922-1955)
President Austin (1955-1962)

Dr. Anna M. Littlefield: Student, Teacher, Artist, Doctor

Anna Littlefield is well-known in the New London area for her role as one of New Hampshire’s first female doctors. Lesser known is that, before she was a doctor, Littlefield had several ties to Colby Academy (now Colby-Sawyer College). Littlefield’s schooling and teaching at Colby Academy would contribute to and help shape her medical career. More…

Vaudeville in the White Mountains

Part escapism and part reality, vaudevillians were a band of performers who met the needs of a growing American entertainment industry. The Cleveland Colby Colgate Archives at Colby-Sawyer College has a collection on the history of vaudeville as well as detailed records on vaudeville performances. More…

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